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Sunday, November 6, 2005

Bird Flu Update

From the AP( mostly) and others:

  • China Turns to WHO for Bird Flu Help - China said Sunday it had asked the World Health Organization to help it determine whether the death of a 12-year-old girl last month was caused by bird flu. If it is confirmed, it would be China's first known human death from the lethal and virulent H5N1 strain of bird flu.
  • Supporters: Cockfight Bill Could Stem Flu - A cockfighting bill aimed at stemming the spread of bird flu to the U.S. has stalled despite support from the Bush administration and the poultry industry. The bill targets trade from Southeast Asia, where cockfighting is suspected of spreading bird flu from chickens to humans.
  • Bird Flu Plans: Prudent or Overreaction? - Don't worry if you missed it when the Bush administration released its draft in August 2004 for fighting a potential flu pandemic. So did most of the rest of the country. The draft generated fewer than 50 public comments for the Health and Human Services Department to consider.
  • Hawaii Begins Airport Watch for Bird Flu - Hawaii became the first state in the nation this week to monitor airports for signs of bird flu or other flu viruses, health officials said.
  • States Have Their Own Plans for Bird Flu - States have their own ideas for dealing with an outbreak of bird flu or other super-flu strain - readying possible quarantine sites and talking about closing schools and businesses. State officials may tell hospitals they may have to evict all but the most critically ill.
  • China, Vietnam report new bird flu outbreaks - China reported its fourth bird flu outbreak in three weeks, saying that 8,940 chickens died in a northeastern village despite a nationwide effort to contain the virus.
  • Canada braces for bird flu - Amid recent concerns that avian influenza could enter the lower United States via birds traveling from the North, just what is neighboring Canada doing to prevent and prepare for a possible outbreak?


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