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Monday, October 3, 2005

Harriet Miers: New Supreme Court Nominee

President Bush announced Harriet Miers as his appointment to fill Justice O'Connor's vacant seat on the Supreme Court. Here is the information that came across this morning from Reuters:

Miers, a longtime ally of Bush's going back to his days as Texas governor, would replace Justice Sandra Day O'Connor on the high court. . . .  .

A senior administration official said the name of Miers, 60, came up in consultations with both Republican and Democratic senators as someone who could win bipartisan support.

The official also said some senators from both parties thought it was important for Bush to pick someone who was not a judge and could offer a different perspective on the job.

I will link to more information as it becomes available.  [bm]

update:  Here is the Washington Post take on Miers, as well as the New York Times and SCOTUSBlog.

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