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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Qui Tam website

Qui Tam

Qui Tam Help is sponsored by Getnick and Getnick, a New York City law firm dedicating itself to business integrity and anti-fraud cases. Contained in the False Claims Act, qui tam is a Federal whistleblower law "designed to protect against the fraudulent use of public funds by encouraging people with knowledge of fraud on the government to blow the whistle on the wrongdoers." Whistleblowers then share in the amount recovered. The site is organized into several components useful to the qui tam researcher. The history and key features of the False Claims Act are provided. The site also offers the texts of both the Federal act and related state acts. For additional background, several notable qui tam cases are explained. Another useful offering is the "Facts You Should Know" page. Here, users will learn that qui tam cases cannot be based on publicly disclosed information and that a qui tam case is more likely to succeed when the government joins the case. For additional research, articles written by Getnick attorneys are available. The backgrounds of several multi-million dollar pharmaceutical industry cases are provided in the "Stories" section.

Thanks to Cornell University's In-Site project for this website.  [bm]

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