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Monday, August 29, 2005

Tall Nonfat Latte with a Double Shot of Antioxidants

For those of you whose physicians are making you feel guilty about the pleasures of Starbucks and other purveyors of caffeinated elixir (that would be 7-Eleven in my case), there's this health news to make your day a little brighter:

"Americans get more of their antioxidants from coffee than any other dietary source. Nothing else comes close," says study leader Joe Vinson, Ph.D., a chemistry professor at the university. Although fruits and vegetables are generally promoted as good sources of antioxidants, the new finding is surprising because it represents the first time that coffee has been shown to be the primary source from which most Americans get their antioxidants, Vinson says. Both caffeinated and decaf versions appear to provide similar antioxidant levels, he adds.

. . . . The news follows a growing number of reports touting the potential health benefits of drinking coffee.

[tm, proud owner of a coffee mug from Starbuck's Store No. 1]

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