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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Spontaneous Remission

Deepak Chopra has an article on the Huffington Post concerning spontaneous remission in cancer.  He states, 

One of the great mysteries in medicine is the phenomenon of spontaneous remission in chronic illness, particularly in cancer. This week the American Cancer Society and Yahoo are presenting a series of blogs on people's struggles with cancer. I will be posting a case report on one such case specifically a woman with breast cancer who had a remission lasting several years.

. . . . Spontaneous remission is a rare but spectacular phenomena. The cancer disappears spontaneously and there is still no adequate scientific explanation that satisfies physicians completely. When I was a medical student, spontaneous remissions were known as "miracle cures." I personally do not like the term because a miracle camouflages our ignorance of what is really happening. When we do not have an explanation for something, we call it a miracle. When we have explanation for the same phenomenon, we call it science. Yesterday's "miracles" are today's science and today's miracles will be tomorrow's science.

Further information and posts by Deepak Chopra on this topic can be found here.  [bm]

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