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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Reality TV Meets Sperm Donors

In case you thought that reality television could not get any more bizarre or troubling - along comes a new potential series.  This new series is to be entitled, "I want your baby . . . and nothing else!" and in case you hadn't guessed concerns  a woman looking for a potential sperm donor to help her concieve a child.  Sounds lovely!  According to Reuters, the producer who bought you such delightful tv viewing as "Big Brother" will broadcast a preview this weekend to see if there is an audience for such a show.  Reuter reports,

"The plan is that we visit potential donors and -- of course on camera -- decide which man is most suitable," the 30-year old woman who will feature in the program said in an interview with De Telegraaf newspaper.

"Afterwards there will be artificial insemination," said the woman who was identified only as "Yessica" and who has bought a house with a room for a child.

Unfortunately, it appears that the preview show will be available in Europe and not here in the United States (at least not immediately).  I hope that you are not all too disappointed.  [bm]

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