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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Health Savings Accounts

Monday's LA Times has an excellent article discussing the trends, specifically the new popularity of health savings accounts, in health care.  The article reports,

For years, they were the kinds of health insurance plans one found at small businesses or among the self-employed, plans that had huge deductibles and required workers to pay a lot of medical bills themselves — such as allergy shots, chest X-rays and the cost of a new baby.

They weren't the policies most people preferred, but they were the best some people could afford, better than no insurance at all.

Now, as medical costs keep climbing, those high-deductible plans are spreading to the giant corporations that have long been the backbone of traditional job-related, low-deductible health insurance. And if the trend continues, it could reshape the medical insurance landscape and sharply redistribute costs, risks and responsibilities for many of the 160 million Americans with private coverage.

The Washington Monthly's Kevin Drum and Ezra Klein both have some great comments.  [bm]

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