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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Sports Medicine Conference

The Center for Health Law Studies and the Saint Louis University Law Journal have a timely conference scheduled to address some major issues in sports medicine.  The title of the conference is "Sports Medicine:  Doping, Disability and Health Quality.  It will be held tomorrow at the Saint Louis School of Law.  The keynote speaker is Richard W. Pound, Q.C., Chairman, World Anti-Doping Agency.   The conference advertisement describes its agenda as follows: 

The delivery of health care to athletes is an increasingly complex topic involving ethicists, lawyers, and regulators in both national and international arenas. This conference concentrates on three controversial medico-legal issues; drug and supplement use by athletes, disabled or injured athletes, and the effect of the complex relationships between amateur or professional teams, their doctors, and their athletes. The conference faculty is without peer, featuring the leading regulators, practitioners, and academics in sports medicine. Our speakers will discuss highly publicized and contentious issues such as off-label use of prescription pharmaceuticals, conflicts of interests between sports medical staff and the athletes they treat, and the legal rights of athletes who suffer injuries or pre-existing disabilities.

If you cannot attend (and I apologize for the late notice), you can receive more information and perhaps materials by contacting    An overview of the conference and the many interesting and informative speakers can be found here.  I don't want to be too snarky but I sincerely believe that if you have an interest in this area, this conference may be more informative and thought-provoking that the current congressional hearings concerning steriod use by professional baseball athletes.   [bm]

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