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Sunday, February 20, 2005

The Future of Medicaid

It seems that not a day goes by without news of a governor discussing cuts or reforms that will have to be made to a state's Medicaid program.  Whatever happens at the state level, however, it seems that no one is happy with what President Bush has proposed thus far.  The AP reports that the Governors are united in their opposition to President Bush's proposed cut backs in Medicaid while also recognizing that they need to make some changes in how Medicaid works.  The AP story states,

The governors are up against the Bush administration's effort to rein in costs as it seeks to cut the federal deficit, and also against advocates for the poor and for health care providers who worry that a push to "flexibility" is just another way to cut people from care and shortchange the medical profession.

Medicaid has grown steadily - state spending has risen 9 percent or more for each of the last four years. The fastest-growing share of Medicaid payouts are for the elderly, who are the most expensive to care for - an ominous sign as baby boomers age.

For further coverage of the Medicaid reform debate, the Maternal and Child Health Blog has some insightful stories and thoughts.  [bm]

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