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Friday, February 11, 2005

Educational Malpractice

Professor Lars Noah, University of Florida -Fredric G. Levin College of Law has written a new article entitled "Medical Education and Medical Malpractice:  What's the Connection?" This article examines  the potential for future lawsuits based on educational malpractice filed against medical schools when recent graduations inflict injuries on patients.  The article is an interesting read and suggests some new thoughtful rationales for courts that may face some of these claims in the future.  As a law professor, I shudder at the thought that one of my student's clients could sue me one day! [bm]

On a slightly different note, both Ezra Klein and Brad Plumer  have interesting discussions on  the need for more medical schools in the United States.

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While some of the implications are frightening, it would be good to see schools being held accountable for their transgressions against sound educational practice. Medical education has long been a seller's market, and many schools rhetorically nullify student complaints by claiming that the students' future patients "are our customers, not the students." Time to pay the piper, perhaps?

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