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Sunday, January 30, 2005

U of Mich Law School Opens Pediatric Advocacy Clinic

The University of Michigan Law School recently announced the creation of The Pediatric Advocacy Clinic.  The clinic offers students the opportunity to work with medical professionals to help low-income families with legal issues, including:

•  Applying for food stamps or cash assistance.

•  Litigating against landlords of substandard housing that cause health problems.

•  Providing referrals and representation for victims of domestic violence.

•  Navigating the special education system to ensure children receive legally required services.

The school says that the clinic is "one of the first known law school-connected, medical-legal collaborative clinics of its kind in the nation—offers advice and representation to those in need."   The clinic is the result of a collaboration between the law school's clinical assistant professor Anne Schroth and associate dean for clinical affairs Bridget McCormack, as well as between the law school and the Michigan Poverty Law Program, the U-M Ypsilanti Health Center, and the U-M C. S. Mott Children's Hospital.  [tm]

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