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Friday, January 7, 2005

Prescription Drugs From Canada

After finding little support in Congress for banning the purchase of cheaper prescription drugs from Canada by US consumers, the Bush administration may its wish granted by the Canadian government, CNN is reporting.  Canadian health officials have drafted a proposal which would essentially ban the sale of the drugs to the US.

Typically, a US resident wishing to buy Canadian drugs need only have their doctor fax a prescription to a Canadian doctor, who then sends another prescription to an "internet pharmacy."  Under the current proposal, the prescribing doctor on the Canadian side of the transaction would be required to actually see the patient in person before a prescription would be valid.

The article, from, also indicates that the savings of a US consumer buying Canadian drugs has seriously eroded over the past two years. 

Other than wanting to avoid highlighting the inequities between a socialist healthcare system with our own, it's difficult to discern exactly why the Canadian government needs to pass such legislation, particularly in light of the fact that they are not dealing with any sort of supply shortages and that they are still making money off of these transactions. [ck]

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