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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Bizarre Chemical Bombs

I am not quite sure what to think of this BBC article and I recognize that it
is a bit off topic, but I found it quite amazing (and amusing) how creative our military
can be.  The BBC article reports that the U.S. military investigated building
several different types of chemical bombs including the "gay bomb" which would
make enemy soldiers "sexually irresistable" to each other, and the halitotis bomb,
which would make soldiers obvious by their bad breath.  These specialized,
non-lethal chemical bombs were under consideration by the U.S. Air Force in
an effort to disrupt the enemy. 
The BBC obtained the U.S. Defense department records discussing plans for these
devices from the Sunshine Project, a  chemical and biological research monitoring
organization.  According to the BBC, "The plan for a so-called "love bomb"
envisaged an aphrodisiac chemical that would provoke widespread homosexual
behavior among troops . . .   My personal favorite project was the "Who? Me?
bomb which simulates flatulence in enemy ranks.  Apparently that bomb has
been under consideration since 1945 but was never developed due to the fact
that "people in many areas of the world do not find faecal ordour offensive, since
they smell it on a regular basis."  Plus, they didn't even consider individuals like
my young son for whom such noise and stink are quite amusing.  The good news
is that if any of these proposals had been developed, the government assures us 
that "It's important to point out that only those proposals which are deemed
appropriate, based on stringent human effects, legal, and international treaty
reviews are considered for development or acquisition."   Personally, I think that we
should develop the "why can't we all get along?" device and have no more
wars at all.  [bm]

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