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Monday, December 20, 2004

Top Immunity Awards

Indiselogo1 In response to the recent calls for tort reform, the Center for Justice and Democracy has released its Top Ten Zany Immunity Awards. The list includes a variety of state laws that provide protection from law suits to people such as funeral home operators who put someone else's body parts in your relative's coffin and tanning parlor operators who tire of warning people not to bake themselves.  The list makes interesting, and sometimes, humorous reading.   The Center for Justice and Democracy website contains other information that those who are teaching Health Law or Torts may find helpful in stimulating debate over the best way to control the costs of health care and prevent injuries.

Perhaps the AMA needs to add this website to its reading list.


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Why exactly are these immunity laws zany?

Posted by: Ted | Dec 23, 2004 6:01:18 AM

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