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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Seniors Support Legalizing Medicinal Marijuana

AARP's polling data show that nearly three-fourths of senior citizens think a patient should be able to lawfully obtain cannabis if a doctor recommends it, according to an AP story filed today.  Meanwhile, the Supreme Court -- where the average age of the Justices is 70.2 years (well above the minimum age for AARP membership) -- held oral argument in the medical marijuana case (Ashcroft v. Raich, No. 03-1454) on Nov. 29.  The Court posted the transcript to its web site earlier this week.  Marty Lederman's same-day assessment of the case over on Scotusblog predicted a 9-0 victory for the feds, but Marty didn't have the benefit of AARP's polling data, which suggest that 6 of the 9 Justices support the legalization of medical marijuana . . . [tm]

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