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Friday, December 31, 2004

New Doctor-Approved Plastic Wristbands

Doctors in Southern Illinois are handing out their own plastic wristbands modeled on those I mentioned earlier (the ones to promote various charities that some hospitals worry cause confusion with hospital bracelets).   These new doctor-approved and promoted wristbands are bright green and contain a slogan as well.  You might guess that the slogan is something like:  Eat More Veggies or Stop Smoking or Walk More.  You would be wrong.  Instead, the green wristbands promote tort reform.  The AMNews reports that the wristband states, "Keep Doctors In Illinois" in black letters and that Illinois physicians hope that the bracelets will rally support across the state for the passage of tort reform. 

I can understand wanting to get your message out in a trendy fashion but using a technique associated with charitable health campaigns seems to be in questionable taste.  According to the article, the doctors are not charging for the bracelets.  The funding for them came from a pharmaceutical company and some local hospitals.  Also, the bright green color is unlikely to one confused with any current plastic wristband a hospital might use.


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