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Friday, December 31, 2004

Health Affairs' 25 Most-Read Articles

Health Affairs, the pre-eminent journal on health policy and economics, recently listed it's 25 most-read articles in 2004, and has made the Top Ten available for free on its web site until January 12.  Here's the list:

1. U.S. Health Care Spending in an International Context
Uwe E. Reinhardt, Peter S. Hussey, Gerard F. Anderson,
Health Affairs, May/June 2004.

2. Which Medical Conditions Account for the Rise in Health Care Spending?
Kenneth E. Thorpe, Curtis S. Florence, Peter Joski,
Health Affairs, Web Exclusive, August 25, 2004

3. How Does the Quality of Care Compare in Five Countries?
Peter S. Hussey, Gerard F. Anderson, Robin Osborn, Colin Feek,
Vivienne McLaughlin, John Millar, Arnold Epstein
Health Affairs, May/June 2004.

4. The Working Hours of Hospital Staff Nurses and Patient Safety
Ann E. Rogers, Wei-Ting Hwang, Linda D. Scott, Linda H. Aiken, David F. Dinges,
Health Affairs, July/August 2004.

5. Health Spending Rebound Continues in 2002
Katharine Levit, Cynthia Smith, Cathy Cowan, Art Sensenig,
Aaron Catlin, the Health Accounts Team
Health Affairs, Jan/Feb 2004.

6. Health Spending Projections through 2013
Stephen Heffler, Sheila Smith, Sean Keehan, M. Kent Clemens, Mark Zezza, Christopher Truffer,
Health Affairs, Web Exclusive, Feb. 11, 2004.

7. Are Market Forces Strong Enough to Deliver Efficient
Health Care Systems? Confidence Is Waning

Len M. Nichols, Paul B. Ginsburg, Robert A. Berenson,
Jon Christianson, Robert E. Hurley
Health Affairs, Mar/Apr 2004.

8. Tracking Health Care Costs: Trends Turn Downward In 2003
Bradley C. Strunk, Paul B. Ginsburg,
Health Affairs, Web Exclusive, June 9, 2004.

9. The Medical Malpractice ‘Crisis’: Recent Trends And The Impact Of State Tort Reforms
Kenneth E. Thorpe
Health Affairs, Web Exclusive, January 21, 2004.

10. Managed Care Rebound? Recent Changes In Health Plans’ Cost Containment Strategies
Glen P. Mays, Gary Claxton, Justin White,
Health Affairs, Web Exclusive, August 11, 2004.

11. Medicare Spending, The Physician Workforce, And Beneficiaries’ Quality Of Care
Katherine Baicker, Amitabh Chandra,
Health Affairs, Web Exclusive, April 7, 2004.

12. The Changing Structure of the Pharmaceutical Industry
Iain M. Cockburn
Health Affairs, Jan/Feb 2004.

13. Use Of Medicare Claims Data To Monitor Provider-Specific Performance Among Patients With Severe Chronic Illness
John E. Wennberg, Elliott S. Fisher, Thérèse A. Stukel, Sandra M. Sharp,
Health Affairs, Web Exclusive, Oct 7, 2004.

14. Physicians’ Use Of Electronic Medical Records: Barriers And Solutions
Robert H. Miller and Ida Sim,
Health Affairs, Mar/Apr 2004.

15. Is the Current Shortage of Hospital Nurses Ending?
Peter I. Buerhaus, Douglas O. Staiger, David I. Auerbach
Health Affairs, Nov/Dec 2003.

16. Increasing Obesity Rates And Disability Trends
Roland Sturm, Jeanne S. Ringel and Tatiana Andreyeva
Health Affairs, Mar/Apr 2004.

17. The Forgotten Third: Liability Insurance and the Medical Malpractice Crisis
William M. Sage
Health Affairs, July/August 2004.

18. Financial Pressures Spur Physician Entrepreneurialism
Hoangmai H. Pham, Kelly J. Devers, Jessica H. May, Robert Berenson
Health Affairs, Mar/Apr 2004.

19. Employers’ Contradictory Views About Consumer-Driven Health Care: Results From A National Survey
Jon R. Gabel, Heidi Whitmore, Thomas Rice, Anthony T. Lo Sasso,
Health Affairs, Web Exclusive, April 21, 2004.

20. Treatment of People with Mental Illness: A Decade-Long Perspective
David Mechanic, Scott Bilder
Health Affairs, July/Aug 2004

21. Trends In International Nurse Migration
Linda H. Aiken, James Buchan, Julie Sochalski, Barbara Nichols, Mary Powell,
Health Affairs, May/June 2004.

22. Evidence-Based And Value-Based Formulary Guidelines
Peter J. Neumann,
Health Affairs, Jan/Feb 2004.

23. What Is Driving Hospitals’ Patient-Safety Efforts?
Kelly J. Devers, Hoangmai H. Pham and Gigi Liu
Health Affairs, Mar/Apr 2004.

24. New Signs Of A Strengthening U.S. Nurse Labor Market?
Peter I. Buerhaus, Douglas O. Staiger, David I. Auerbach
Health Affairs, Web Exclusive, November 17, 2004.

25. How Do Patents And Economic Policies Affect Access To Essential Medicines In Developing Countries?
Amir Attaran
Health Affairs, May/June 2004.


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