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Sunday, December 19, 2004

FDA Problems

Both the Washington Post and New York Times have stories today concerning various problems at the FDA and its ability (or inability) to protect the public from drugs after they are already on the market.  The Post reports on the lack of senior leaders at the FDA.  The article argues that this lack of stable leadership has left the agency in a weak position so that it is more easily influenced by drug manufacturers and also unable to respond to emerging problems quickly and efficiently.

The New York Times runs a story concerning big drugs and big marketing, focusing on the difficulties that the FDA has when it attempts to regulate and monitor drugs after they have won agency approval.  The article spoltlights the COX-2 drugs which have recently been found to cause heart problems.

Both articles provide a helpful overview of the FDA's current procedures and also a good summary of the recent problems over the COX-2 drugs.


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