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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Blind Couple Gain Custody of Child

Yesterday, National Public Radio reported on an interesting disability rights story.  NPR reported that Marco and Adelina Zepeda of Redwood California had reached an agreement with Child Protective Services that permits them to retain custody of their newborn child.  The couple had to get approval from Child Protective Services before they were allowed to take their healthy child home because the Hospital and child welfare had safety concerns apparently related to the fact that both the Zepedas are blind.   The hospital and child welfare officials did not explain why they had concerns about the Zepedas' ability to care for their son.   According to NPR, the story had a happy ending but the Zepedas are still upset and concerned about their treatment.   

I wonder if this happens very often with less favorable results.  Although we can all understand that the hospital would be concerned about patient safety, it does appear that they were heavy-handed in their approach.

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