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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Women's Writing Retreat

Today begins my week long women's writing retreat.  The idea was first suggested to me seven years ago by Prof. Mae Quinn.  It adopts the concept of the novelist's writers' group to law scholarship.  I previously wrote about it here.

In the early years, four of my female colleagues and I rented a house at Lake Chautauqua.  We spread out into sunrooms, dining rooms, and porches to jump start our summer research away from meetings, carpools, and other distractions.  Nestled in idyllic tranquility the creative juices flowed and a good bulk of research or written pages achieved.  And need I say how wonderful it was to have a week where people made and brought you coffee, chopped the salad vegetables, cleaned up their mess and yours, and changed the TP roll.  

 These days many of us have a hard time leaving town due to other work, family, and financial demands.  So we've adapted to a day retreat.  Like day camp instead of overnight camp.  We meet off campus at a community library and work at the carrels and tables.  We go out for lunch, sharing our ideas, testing theses, mentoring and generally rooting each other on. At the end of the week, we have an informal workshop sharing what we've produced.  That has the added push of some goal achievement as the research summer has just begun.

 We have a great, eclectic group of six women this year.  Assitant professor to dean.  Four years of teaching to thirty plus.  First-year teacher, clinician, legal writing professor, and upper-level teacher.  Projects range from book reviews and essays, to traditional law reviews, and book projects.   

 I'm hoping they will be inclined to share some of their thoughts about this process as we blog this week.

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That sounds fun; good luck, Tracy.

Posted by: John Kang | May 27, 2014 6:25:34 AM

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