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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Strange News from Brown University

From HuffPost: 

A federal complaint filed Thursday against Brown University accuses the Ivy League school of violating the law by failing to expel a student the institution found had raped a fellow undergraduate.


Brown student Lena Sclove, who was raped and choked by a male acquaintance in August 2013, said she filed complaints accusing Brown of violating the Title IX gender equity law, and the Clery Act campus security law. The complaints will be reviewed by the U.S. Education Department, which may investigate and impose sanctions.


A university disciplinary hearing in October found Sclove's assailant guilty of four code of conduct charges, including sexual violence involving physical force and injury, according to documents provided to The Huffington Post. A disciplinary panel recommended a two-year suspension, which would have allowed Sclove to finish her studies without the assailant's presence on campus. J. Allen Ward, Brown's senior associate dean of student life, reduced the suspension to one year. But because the suspension counts the semester he was punished, the assailant will be allowed back on campus as early as August.

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So, if I'm reading this right, a university forced a student to attend a quasi-judicial proceeding at which he was not permitted to be represented by counsel, after which a tribunal calling itself the "Student Conduct Board" (which seemingly also administered the proceeding) "found" that he was guilty and tried to get him suspended for two years, and he did in fact get suspended for a semester.

Pretty disquieting.

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