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Monday, May 12, 2014

Michael Sam....the story begins....

Michael Sam, the exceptional football player from the U of Missouri (and the first openly gay NFL draftee), was picked by the St. Louis Rams this weekend.  Kudos to the Rams for being secure in its manliness to do so.  Upon being drafted, Sam, understandably, kissed his boyfriend.  

This has caused at least one former NFL player--Derrick Ward, not exactly a household name--to ridicule Sam.  Then again, several comments on Ward's Twitter feed are critical of his remarks, too.  

If Michael Sam is like any other NFL draftee, his chances of making a name for himself as a player are practically nill; he will suffer injuries, he will encounter difficulty with the professional game, he will have to compete with truly first-class athletes whose likes he has never seen at the college level.  

But as long as he continues, I will be watching his story with much interest.  There is a great opportunity for the NFL to man-up and show what a manliness worthy of its name can be by accepting him as a fraternal colleague.

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