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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Denver Symposium on the Feminist Work of Ann Scales

Denver University Law Review Symposium on the Work of Professor Ann Scales, Volume 91 (2013)


Foreword: On “Having Fun and Raising Hell”: Symposium Honoring the Work of Professor Ann Scales
Nancy Ehrenreich

Raising Hell, Making Miracles: The Everlovin’ Legal Imagination of Ann Scales
Catharine A. MacKinnon

The Outsider Within: The Radical, Not-So-Scary Feminist Jurisprudence of Ann Scales
Kathryn Abrams

Taking a Break from Acrimony: The Feminist Method of Ann Scales
Katherine Franke

In Her Own Voice: Ann Scales as Philosopher, Storyteller, Feminist, and Jurisprude
Patricia A. Cain

Ann Scales “Imagines Us”: From the Eco-Pornographic Story to the Medusan Counternarrative
Jane Caputi

Feminists at the Border
Jennifer Chacón

Feminism and Gay Liberation: Together in Struggle
Shannon Gilreath

Flexible Feminism and Reproductive Justice: An Essay in Honor of Ann Scales
Lynne Henderson

“Stuck” on Love
Tamara L. Kuennen

How Masculinities Distribute Power: The Influence of Ann Scales
Ann C. McGinley & Frank Rudy Cooper

On Surviving Legal De-Education: An Allegory for a Renaissance in Legal Education
Robin Walker Sterling

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