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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Women Lawyers and Judges Earn 82% of What Men Earn

From the ABA Journal, How Much Less do Women Lawyers and Judges Earn than Men?

Women lawyers and judges earn about 82 percent of what their male counterparts make, reports The Upshot, a New York Times blog.

The data comes from Claudia Goldin, a Harvard University labor economist. She wrote a paper, "A Grand Gender Convergence: Its Last Chapter" (PDF), which was published this month in the American Economic Review.


Women doctors and surgeons earn 71 percent what their male counterparts earn, according to Goldin’s research, and female accountants earn 76 percent of what male accountants make. Goldin maintains that workplace flexibility could help solve the problem.

“The gender gap in pay would be considerably reduced and might vanish altogether if firms did not have an incentive to disproportionately reward individuals who labored long hours and worked particular hours,” she wrote in the paper.

Looking for a profession with no gender differences in pay? Female human resources pecialists earn 100 percent of what their male counterparts earn, according to Goldin’s research, as do advertising salespeople and dental hygienists.

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Of course, as anyone knows, there are doctors and there are doctors; internists and surgeons; cardiothoracic surgeons and neurosurgeons; good surgeons and bad surgeons.

Moreover, rewarding those who work longer hours ultimately inures to the benefit of the patients seeking to obtain the best possible treatment for the most critical maladies, as these will be the individuals whose services are most in demand.

It might also be noted that the general categories above showing higher gender-pay discrepancies also seem to be those most exposed to direct consumer choice.

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