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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mixed-Gender Pro Basketball League

Mixed-Gender Basketball Association: Where Men and Women Team Up

Howard is now working full-time to put together an 8-to-10 team Mixed Gender Basketball league — 12 players to a team, all paid equally. The first teams will be based in the Northeast: Philadelphia, Delaware, New York and New Jersey. He says the season will tip off in July.


But with the WNBA and other leagues, there’s no shortage of ways to see women play pro ball. Why does Howard think fans will pay to see his games?


“More excitement, drama, suspense and, guess what, the unknown,” he said. “People are going to pay for the unknown. People want to see how men play against women and how the women play against men. It’s that unknown factor.”


Howard’s a salesman who takes every chance to push the novelty of his concept. That includes the league’s logo, which depicts a woman scoring over a man.


A professional basketball association where men and women play together on the same basketball team

The league's website is here.

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