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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Feminist Legal Theory Panels at Law & Society Conference

Collaborative Research Network on Feminist Legal Theory
Law & Society 2014

Draft Program


Book Discussion: Becoming Sexual by Danielle Egan
7 pm, University of Minnesota, Room TBA


Alternatives to Marriage
Chair: June Carbone
8:15—10:00 am, Room

Erez Aloni, Beyond Recognition: Redistribution in Family Law
Jessica Feinberg, The Survival of Non-Marital Relationship Statuses in the Same-Sex Marriage Era: A Proposal
Leslie Harris, Drifting Toward Marriage: How and Why Legal Structures for Alternative Family Forms Converge on Marriage
Theodore Seto, A Coasian Theory of Marriage

Discussant: Kerry Abrams

Feminist Perspectives on Health Care
Chair: Kara Loewentheil
10:15—12:00 pm, Room

Jamie Abrams, Revealing the Illusion of Patient Autonomy and the Ghost of Roe's Medical Model
Kara Loewentheil, When Free Exercise Is A Burden: Protecting "Third Parties" In Religious Accommodation Law
Seema Mohapatra, Time to Lift the Veil of Inequality in Health Care Coverage: Using Corporate Law to Defend the Affordable Care Act’s Reproductive Health Care Mandate

Discussants: Jessica Waters, Margaux Hall

ART and Parentage
Chair: Wendy Bach
12:45—2:30 pm, Room

Courtney Joslin, The Biology Myth
Jody Madiera, The Legal Consequences of Infertility Patients’ Self-Identification as Consumer or Patient
Dara Purvis, Fathers, Abortion, and Equal Rights
Kara Swanson, Alternative Insemination and Adoption: Historical Perspectives

Discussant: Joanna Bond

Same Sex Marriage and Divorce
Chair: Rachel Rebouche
2:45—4:30 pm, Room

Cynthia Godsoe, Disentangling Marriage and Parenthood
Zvi Triger and Ayelet Blecher-Prigat, Same-Sex Divorce and the Right to Divorce
Ann Tweedy, Same-Sex Marriage and Indian Tribes
Deborah Widiss, Federal Marriage Discrimination, Take Two

Discussant: William Kuby

“Just the Facts:” Expertise and Empirical Evidence as Movement Strategies
Chair: Rachel Rebouche
4:45—6:15 pm, Room

Libby Adler, Facts About Gay People
Aziza Ahmed, Medical Evidence and Expertise in Abortion Jurisprudence
Elizabeth Kukura, Contested Care: The Politics of Research, Evidence and Knowledge in U.S. Childbirth Policies

Discussant: Elizabeth MacDowell

Business Meeting, 6:30—7:00, Hilton Board Room 3

FLT CRN Dinner, 7:00 pm, Rosa Mexicano, 609 Hennipen Avenue

RSVP for dinner is required:




Roundtable: Feminist Legal Theory Half a Century after the Second Wave
Moderator/Discussant: Clare Huntington
8:15 am—10:00 am, Room

Susan Appleton and Susan Stiritz, Legal Education Gone Wild: Law and Literature and Sex
Naomi Cahn and June Carbone, Unequal Terms
Max Eichner, Second-Wave Feminism and the Market
Jennifer Hendricks, Schrodinger's Child: Non-Identity, Probability, and Reproductive Decision-Making

The Economics of Intergenerational Care
(co-sponsor Aging, Law & Society)
Chair: Dirk Hartog
10:15—12:00 pm, Room

Alicia Kelly, Intergenerational Economies
Nina Kohn, Valuing Care
Peggie Smith, Compensating Family Members to Care for Elderly Relatives
Jessica Dixon Weaver, Of Babes & Elders: A Unified Approach to Intergenerational Caregiving
Amy Ziettlow, "Money and Stuff": Gen X Caregivers and Financial Decision-making for Their Baby Boomer Parents

Discussant: Naomi Cahn
Roundtable: Anniversary of Fineman’s Feminism and Legal Theory Project
Chair: Hila Keren
10:15—12:00 pm, Room

June Carbone, University of Minnesota
Martha A. Fineman, Emory Law School
Michele Goodwin, University of Minnesota
Fionnuala Ni Aolain, University of Minnesota Law School
Dorothy Roberts, University of Pennsylvania
Laura Spitz, Cornell Law School

Discussant: Laura Kessler

Subordination and Power in Families
Chair: Laura Kessler
12:45—2:30 pm, Room

Alesha Durfee, "They don’t want any problems": The effects of documentation status on the legal mobilization of domestic violence survivors
Samantha Godwin, A Feminist Critique of Parental Rights
Pamela Laufer-Ukeles, The Case Against Separating the Care from the Caregiver: A Relational Perspective on Children’s Rights
Aníbal Rosario Lebrón, Scorned Law: Rethinking Impeachment Rules for Battered Women
Sarah Swan, Third-Party Policing Comes Home: Gender, Control, and Responsibilization in Family Life

Sexual Violence
Chair: Jessica Clarke
2:45—4:30 pm, Room

Emma Cunliffe, Judgment and Error in Sexual Assault Trials
Mary Ann Franks, Men, Women, and Optimal Violence
Ummni Khan, Representing ‘John’: The Legal Reification of Sex Trade Clients and their Potential Status as Constitutional Subjects
Menaka Raguparan, Consent/non Consent: Challenging Sexual Assault Law’s Generative Meaning
Valarie Vojdik, Theorizing Violence Against Men

Discussant: Deborah Tuerkheimer

Families and Family Law – New Books Exploring the Past and Imagining the Future
Chair: Laurie Kohn
4:45—6:30 pm, Room

Jill Hasday, University of Minnesota Law School, Family Law Reimagined
Clare Huntington, Fordham Law School, Failure to Flourish: How Law Undermines Family Relationships
Angela Onwuachi-Willig, University of Iowa College of Law, According to Our Hearts: Rhinelander v. Rhinelander and the Law of the Multiracial Family

Katharine Bartlett, Duke University School of Law
Robin Lenhardt, Fordham Law School


Parenting Outside of Marriage 1800-Now (co-sponsor Law and History)
Chair/Discussant: Kristin Collins
2:45—4:30 pm, Room

Sarah Abramowicz, The Construction of Motherhood and the Regulation of Fatherhood in Early 19th-Century English Child Custody Law
Deborah Dinner, Liberated Patriarchs: The Fathers’ Rights Movement, 1960-1980
Serena Mayeri, Unmarried Fathers, Sex Equality, and Marital Supremacy, 1970-1983
Mary Ziegler, Illegitimate Conceptions: Unwed Motherhood and the Remaking of the Abortion Wars

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