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Monday, March 10, 2014

Wes Anderson......

.....most perceptive movie director about what it means to be a man; or, so argues a blog post in Esquire.  

 He’s written childish characters, yes, and characters whose behavior was marked with affectations, yes, and he prizes style to an extreme degree, but the fact is there is no contemporary filmmaker more preoccupied with masculinity—with what it means to be a man, a mentor, a father, a son—than he is. Few have been more insightful on the matter. 

Gender and Law isn't a blog dedicated to movies but I found the observation relevant because movies, like other mediums, tend to illuminuates some aspect of society.  That Anderson should be proposed as the director to illuminate manliness says a lot about my student's generation; gone is the violent charisma of Martin Scorcese's characters (Scorcese's recent films seem to be dramatic reconstructions of Wes Anderson's playful attempts, incidentally).  What seems to have replaced the latter is the desire by Anderson's characters to be whimsical, ironic characters who also have a genuine desire to forge basic bonds with other men....

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