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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Perspective on Female-on-Male Violence in Scotland

So the writer observes:  

That women are predominantly the victims of domestic violence is beyond question (around 92 per cent, according to police figures). I find it disturbing, however, that male casualties continue to be ignored. Part of the problem is the macho-man culture that precludes men from coming forward. Despite males being well-nigh 8 per cent of recorded victims of domestic violence, I’ve never met a man who’s admitted to being slapped about by his lover.

Well, except he who had played James Bond: 

The only high-profile man I can think of who has revealed that he suffered physical abuse in his relationships is Sir Roger Moore. In an interview, the former James Bond stated that his first wife punched, scratched and scarred him. On mentioning she’d thrown a pot of hot tea at him, scalding his side, the audience laughed uproariously. Wife No. 2 whacked him over the head with a guitar – cue for more spectator glee. Chillingly, using words much associated with female victims, Sir Roger said “he deserved it”. Clearly, the experiences left him shaken, not stirred into using the law to protect himself from his attackers.

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