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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Proposal to Make Surrogacy Illegal

From WaPo's She the People, Kansas Lawmaker Wants to Make Surrogate Motherhood Illegal.  Trying to figure out the consistency between a pro-life stance and anti-surrogate mother.  One says you must be a mother, the other says you may not.  Senator Mary Pilcher-Cook says she is against surrogacy because “a child that you know is purposely not going to have either a biological mother, biological father or both.” The article suggests the anti-surrogacy position may be directed at same-sex couples.

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I testified on that commercial surrogacy bill in Kansas so I know exactly what took place. As a pro-choice feminist leader possessing expertise on biotechnology and third party reproduction, I travel the country speaking, testifying, lecturing, educating, lobbying and being interviewed by major media on abuses of women's human rights in third party reproduction. As a feminist I cannot condone, much less support, the further commodification of women and their bodies (beyond universal sexual commodification) and the exploitation of women, particularly poor, low income and otherwise financially vulnerable women inherent in surrogacy/contract pregnancy and egg trafficking. And this does not include the severe health risks involved, both short and long term. This is also pure class exploitation.

Posted by: Kathy | Feb 10, 2014 4:58:03 AM

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