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Monday, February 3, 2014

Guy's Guys (II)

As a compliment to the first eponymous post, I was curious:  what do Real guy's guys do?  Not shlubby Chris Christie, the former high school athlete and student body president, but REAL guy's guys?  That would be the NAVY SEALS, of course. 

And yoga.  Also, I've read memoirs by Navy SEALS Chris Kyle and Howard Wasdin.  And, true, they do get into brawls at bars with other military guys and town yokels who are itching to test their manhood.  But while on duty and during training, the SEALS learn curiously feminine virtues.

They learn to be very, very quiet (like saying almost nothing) while hiding in the jungle.  They learn to breath very quietly in small, confining spaces.  Absent pride, they learn to cooperate with their team.  They learn....the virtue of learning (like learning about foreign languages, foreign cultures).  And they learn that being "macho" in the conventional sense can also mean being really, really stupid when patience, passive tolerance, and quiet attentiveness are much more important for mission completion.  In other words, so much of being a SEAL is about not being angry, not being "explosive," and not being a boaster (like saying you were a high school athlete and student body president--in addition to being a SEAL). 

Chris Christie....Guy's Guys.....yeah.

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Yeah, I think you've really nailed down what's going on here.

What's the word for something that's not surprising because predictable, but by its nature still has has that sort of effect? Stultifying?

Posted by: Think Like a 1L | Feb 5, 2014 12:32:10 AM

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