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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Arizona and the Good Citizen

Religionists deserve to practice their faiths, and the Constitution protects their right to do so.  If there ever comes a day when state authorities will prohibit Christian fundamentalists from congregating in their churches and their homes for worship service, I will proudly be the first liberal to fight such encroachment against their religious rights.  

On the other hand, no religious group has the constitutional authority to enact hate against another group.  The Arizona bill  permits private businesses to refuse services to gay consumers.  These business owners, I am sure, are good people, people who are responsible citizens in their neighborhoods.  

And that's what worries me.  The thugs and the bullies and homophobic murderers are partly inspired by the legitimized hatred from the good citizens, from the store owners, from the legislators, and from the governors.  

Senator John McCain has excoriated Russia for its homophobia; I hope that good man also shows the same courage in his own home state.  

Arizona..... don't sell out your humanity.

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