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Sunday, January 5, 2014

"The End of Men"

This is of course the provocative, if needlessly pugnacious, title of Hanna Rosin's book of the same name. She also has a recent Time Magazine article called "Men Are Obsolete," which contains some highlights of her book.  Thus begins the article: 

How do I know men are finished? I’ll read you a quote that says it all: “Yes. There have been times when I’ve been in a drunken stupor.” Toronto’s mayor, a shining example of modern manhood is what I would call the canary in the coal mine, only he’s not quite as delicate as the canary.


Tom Ford--"shining example of modern manhood"?  It's a poor, strawman argument and I'm half tempted to wonder if Ms. Rosin is actually yearning for the end of the discerning reader.  There's a feisty response to Rosin's article in the Good Men Project; the response isn't especially effective on all fronts, alas.

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