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Monday, January 13, 2014

Pregnant Man

My friend Katharine Van Tassel  alerted me to a NYT Op-Ed.   The facts, though, seemed to me more interesting than the substance of the commentary: 

ANDY INKSTER, a transgender man, had always wanted biological children. So when he embarked on the transition from female to male at age 18 — changing his name, taking testosterone and eventually undergoing surgery to remove his breasts — he left his female reproductive organs intact.

Mr. Inkster wanted to become pregnant.  And did, eventually, and gave birth to a girl.  But he was denied treatment by one of the fertility clinics.

According to court documents, he was denied treatment after failing to comply with a clinic counselor’s request that he supply information from his current therapist that he was emotionally ready to handle pregnancy and parenting. Mr. Inkster argued that nontransgender patients weren’t asked to do the same. This fall, theMassachusetts Commission Against Discrimination — the state’s civil rights agency — found probable cause for Mr. Inkster. The case will next move on to a conciliation conference, and then to a possible settlement.

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Other trans men also have biological children. What is the problem here? Andy had insurance. The would-be parent was infertile whether because of hormone treatment or not doesn't matter. The person like Angelique Jolie had breasts removed. What was the fertility clinics problem? .

Posted by: Dianna Inkster | Jan 14, 2014 12:29:08 PM

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