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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Old Age versus Manliness

I suppose mostly it is a product of an incorrigible male narcissism, but lately, as I find myself ensconced, somewhat bleakly, in my mid-40s, my mind seems to turn to issues of losing my manliness, whatever manliness a middle-aged academic can purport to have laid claim to in the first place.  At any rate, I cannot but feel that old age, like some insatiable tide, seems to crash against it, my manliness, and take some of it back out to sea.  So much of manliness is about being able to do things, to effect change, to be physical.  But so much of getting old is about not being able to do those things--indeed, not being able to control one’s most basic bodily functions.

To that end, I’ve read (mostly with relish) a typically good book by that rambunctious writer William Ian Miller at Michigan Law.  And so too I’ve listened (mostly with pleasure) the even more rambunctious musings and outrages of the great Joe Frank.

Miller’s book is here

And Frank’s radio broadcast is available (for free) here.

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