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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Immigration as Women's Rights

"Immigrant rights and feminist organizations are coming together in an attempt to reframe immigration as a women’s issue." Immigration Activists Team with Women's Movement in Push for Rights.

When you ask people what images they think of when they think of immigration reform, (it’s) often men, scary looking, scaling the border walls,” . . . .  “The idea that it’s really women and children that are the majority of immigrants to the United States is completely lost.”


The groups see opposition to a comprehensive immigration overhaul as having a larger effect on gender equality, and they say it is part of a “war on women” that devalues the work of female immigrants and keeps them vulnerable.

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A comprehensive case for immigration as a women’s issue was not made until 2010, when immigration activist Pramila Jayapal collaborated with feminist icon Gloria Steinem to write an article linking the issues, available here, "Immigration is a Woman."  

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