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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Conservatives on Transgender Rights

NPR had a story this morning about a group of Californians who are circulating a petition to overturn a state law that accommodates transgender youth in public schools. The story made me curious about what kinds of arguments conservative pundits are enlisting to defend their opposition to such laws.  I found two sites, one by the Weekly Standard and another by National Review Online.  

As someone who supports transgender rights, I have to say that both the WS and NRO pieces were pretty thoughtful.  I was surprised that they for the most part used the vocabulary of (classic) liberalism, the very vocabulary that transgender advocates themselves are probably using.  The conservatives spoke of how laws requiring private and local public employers to accommodate transgender folk violated the "freedom" and "civil liberties" of those didn't want to.  In other words, there wasn't too much talk about "moral values" and "sin" and so on.

Are we all liberals, in form or another, now?

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