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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Homosexuality and Methodism

The story, first:

A United Methodist pastor was convicted Monday of breaking church law by officiating his son's same-sex wedding and could be defrocked after a high-profile trial that has rekindled debate over the denomination's policy on gay marriage.

Then this about Rev. Schaefer, the one who officiated the wedding:

Schaefer's son came out to his parents at age 17, revealing he had contemplated suicide over his struggle with sexual identity and the church's stance on homosexuality.

"He had heard messages that were hateful from the church, from the culture around him, that told him you're not normal, you're not valid, you're a freak," Schaefer testified.

While very much respecting the right of the Methodist Church to define its own beliefs, I am curious to know how the anthems of Christian love will figure in the Church's trial of the accused pastor.

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