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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Girl Wrestler Threatens Moral Standards

The school board's defense in a suit by a middle school girl.  Safety is Top Concern for Line Mtn Officials in Co-ed Wrestling Suit

In statements, Superintendent Dave Campbell, three board members and two wrestling coaches say they are protecting seventh-grade student Audrianna Beattie and male athletes from potentially awkward situations and sexual contact during wrestling practices and matches, psychological scarring and inevitable injury and defeat of female wrestlers....


There are clear and present anatomical differences between males and females, especially when individuals reach the age of puberty," he said. "Therefore, in an effort to promote students safety, all students have an equal right to be protected from any undesired contact of sensual body parts from a person of the opposite sex."


By forcing students to wrestle co-ed, Laudenslager said those students would be required to "lower their moral standards and expose them to indecent contact from a member of the opposite sex."

Because girls are at core, sexual objects. 

See Deborah Brake, Wrestling with Gender: Constructing Masculinity by Refusing to Wrestle Women.

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