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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Yes, Virginia, There's Still a Gender Gap

As Carole Silver discusses at Jotwell, researchers at the University of Denver continue to document the persistent wage gap among women lawyers, not explained by work-family balance, but by gender.  See Joyce S. Sterling & Nancy Reichman, Navigating the Gap: Reflections on 20 Years Researching Gender Disparities in the Legal Profession. 

And the news this week highlights the problems with part-time workers.  The Denver researchers address this too.  See Nantiya Ruan & Nancy Reichman,Scheduling Shortfalls: Hours Parity as the New Pay Equity.  They argue that "because our workforce is filled with part-time workers, advocates for low-wage workers should focus not only on pay inequities and living wages, but also on hours equity."

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