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Friday, October 18, 2013

Two new books on manhood

Just on a whim, I looked up the newest books on manhood in .  The two most recent books examine (and laud) manhood from the perspective of Christianity.  There's Manhood Restored:  How the Gospel Makes Men Whole and the Resurrection of Authentic Manhood:  Restoring God's Original Design. 

As someone with a background in political philosophy, I thought the coupling of God and Christianity (not a recent trend) was interesting.  Generally, political philosophy of a certain humanist variety had celebrated man as a being distinguished from not only female and child--but God.  Hence Machiavelli praised the idea that man, not God, can determine his future; and Socrates embraced the idea that man could not look to God, but had to summon his own courage, when facing death.

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