April 13, 2010

Junk Food Product Placement in Movies

Movie According to a recent study published in the journal Pediatrics, the product placement of food in movies from 1996-2005 mostly consists of nutrient deficient foods.


The study concludes that "more than two thirds of popular movies featured food, beverage, and/or FRE [Food Retail Establishments] brand placements. The overwhelming majority of the brand placements were for energy-dense, nutrient-poor products."


Because movies are often viewed by children and adolescents, the study suggests that "these findings provide a benchmark against which future research can evaluate the commitments by food companies to change the nature of food advertising directed at America's children as promised by the Children's Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative pledge."


In a recent interview with Reuters Health, Dr. Lisa A. Sutherland, the lead researcher for this study, said that "she and her colleagues are now looking at whether there have been any changes in movies released since 2005."

..."will we see there has been a decline in product placements, or will we see that movie studios are still including placements without (being paid)?... For parents, she said, the message is that junk-food advertising 'goes beyond TV'...'you should be aware that popping in a bunch of movies may not be any better than letting your kids watch TV.' "

Thank you to William Mitchell College of Law student Candice Duncan for preparing this post. Ms. Duncan is a student of Professor Donna M. Byrne.

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February 23, 2010

Food, Inc., Academy Award Nominee for Best Documentary, on NPR

Food, Inc., a documentary about America's food system, is up for an Oscar for best documentary.  National Public Radio's Talk of the Nation featured an interview with Director Robert Kenner today, February 23, 2010:

How much do we really know about the food we buy at the grocery store? Filmmaker Robert Kenner talks about his documentary, Food, Inc., which is up for an Oscar. The film raises questions about the safety of our food.

 TheNPR website has clips from the film.

Post by Donna M. Byrne, Professor of Law, William Mitchell College of Law

The clip below is from YouTube.  It is not today's interview, but it gives a sense of the film:


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October 04, 2009

FDA 101: Product Recalls (Video)

Here's another of the FDA's new consumer update videos.  This one is about recalls.  Cute doggie at 22 seconds.

When an FDA-regulated product is defective or potentially harmful, removing it from the market may be necessary. In this Consumer Update video, FDA Recall Operations Team Leader Armando Zamora, explains how FDA manages product recalls.

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FDA Video Update on Food Allergies

FDA has posted a series of videos for consumers.  Here's the one on Food Allergies:

  Food Allergies: Reducing the Risks (video)

Food allergies can range from merely irritating to life-threatening. FDA is working to ensure that major allergenic ingredients in food are accurately labeled. In this Consumer Update video Felicia Billingslea, FDA Director of Food Labeling and Standards, provides tips to help prevent allergic reactions and explains the difference between food allergies and food intolerance.

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June 17, 2009

Food, Inc. -- a film I want to see

Food, Inc. opens this week in my area:

Of course, the title keeps reminding me of Monsters, Inc., one of my favorites that has nothing to do with food:

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