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February 23, 2010

Food, Inc., Academy Award Nominee for Best Documentary, on NPR

Food, Inc., a documentary about America's food system, is up for an Oscar for best documentary.  National Public Radio's Talk of the Nation featured an interview with Director Robert Kenner today, February 23, 2010:

How much do we really know about the food we buy at the grocery store? Filmmaker Robert Kenner talks about his documentary, Food, Inc., which is up for an Oscar. The film raises questions about the safety of our food.

 TheNPR website has clips from the film.

Post by Donna M. Byrne, Professor of Law, William Mitchell College of Law

The clip below is from YouTube.  It is not today's interview, but it gives a sense of the film:


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General Mills reducing sugar in kids’ cereal

After much pressure from those concerned with the growing rates of childhood obesity, General Mills has announced they will follow in the footsteps of other major cereal producers by reducing the amount of sugar added to their children’s cereals.  A study conducted by Yale University’s Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity found a correlation between the amount of cereal children consumed and the amount of sugar in the cereal.  From an MSNBC article:

“The Rudd Center found children who ate highly sweetened cereals ate roughly twice as much as those who ate low-sugar cereals. And some say children are more susceptible to the marketing by food makers.”

Link to the study conducted by the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity.

This post was prepared by William Mitchell College of Law student Lauren Sparks.  Ms. Sparks is a student of Professor Donna M. Byrne.

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