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May 31, 2010

Professor Peter Erlinder in prison in Rwanda

Forgive me -- I know this does not relate to food law, but I hope you'll agree it's worth the space here under the circumstances. 

William Mitchell College of Law Professor Peter Erlinder, my colleague, was arrested in Rwanda on Friday and is now in prision there.  Professor Erlinder is passionate about the rule of law, and had traveled to Rwanda as part of the defense team for Victoire Ingabire, who is running for president, and who is accused of genocide denial.

Professor Erlinder is being held on charges of genocide denial as well. He has written on and spoken about the international tribunal in Rwanda.  In particular, Peter Erlinder has accused current Rwandan leaders of crimes against humanity, citing documents that are publicly available but not well reported in the West.  Some of these are available at the Rwanda Documents Project website, along with some of Professor Erlinder's writings.

The National Lawyers Guild, of which Peter Erlinder is a past president, has demanded his release.  William Mitchell College of Law has posted a statement on its website. 

Here is a video interview with Professor Erlinder just before he traveled to Rwanda:

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