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April 15, 2010

Minneapolis City Council Will Allow Street Vendors

Last week, the City of Minneapolis City Council unanimously approved an ordinance that will allow for a limited number of street food vendors, in a limited area of downtown Minneapolis. The amended ordinance contains a number of restrictions that would be placed on street food vendors.

At a hearing in March, according to the Twin Cites Daily Planet, there was discussion about who could become a street vendor:

. . . Some discussion at the meeting involved whether a business owner had to already own a restaurant or bar to become a street vendor. The currently proposed wording says that while a business owner could have any type of food service license, they would need to do all preparing and storing of food in a commercially licensed kitchen. That stipulation would cut out smaller businesses that don't have an established brick and mortar business.

The ordinance as originally proposed would only have allowed food and beverages to be stored and prepared in a commercially licensed kitchen, but this restriction was not part of the final ordinance.

According to the Minneapolis Downtown Journal,

Under the new rules, anybody with a licensed kitchen or a license to use a commons kitchen can apply for a street-vending permit. Vendors will be assigned spots Downtown and be able to sell any kind of food.

The amended version of the ordinance that was forwarded to the City Council is available here.  This is not, however, the final version as reflected by a City Council press release dated 4/2/10.

Thank you to William Mitchell College of Law student Nicolas Allyn for preparing the original version of this post!  (Professor Donna M. Byrne edited the final version because by the time she got around to posting it,the news had changed.) 

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