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April 15, 2010

Government Report Finds Tainted Meat

USDA OIG The USDA Office of Inspector General has released a study of meat contamination with veterinary drugs, pesticides, and heavy metals.  The news is not good.  The study is an Audit Report of the FSIS National Residue Program for Cattle.  From the Executive Summary:

Based on our review, we found that the national residue program is not accomplishing its mission of monitoring the food supply for harmful residues. Together, FSIS, FDA, and EPA have not established thresholds for many dangerous substances (e.g., copper or dioxin3), which has resulted in meat with these substances being distributed in commerce. Additionally, FSIS does not attempt to recall meat, even when its tests have confirmed the excessive presence of veterinary drugs.

Read the full report here.

Read about the report at Food Safety News: Audit Finds Tainted Meat Making Reaching Consumers

Post by Donna M. Byrne, Professor of Law, William Mitchell College of Law

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