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December 8, 2009

The most important information on a food label?

The EU is considering uniform nutritional labeling, and a recent study showed that Irish consumers are paying attention.  The traffic light system is fine, merely color coding the nutrient amounts, not so much.

A summary article on Food Navigator.com describes the survey. This is the bit that really caught my attention:

“The main reasons consumers now read food labelling is to look for nutritional and calorific information, whereas in 2002 the key reason to read a label was to check the best before date. This indicates that people are concerned about healthy eating and want to know more about the nutritional aspects of the food they are buying.”

That said, the respondents still cited the use by or best before date as the single most important piece of information on food labels, followed by the list of ingredients and the name of the food.

I'm not even sure why I read food labels these days.  I can't stop myself.  DMB

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