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August 18, 2009

Fly in the Salad Lawsuit

It was a defamation lawsuit against a man who said there were flies.  From the Chicago Tribune:

An alleged fly in a salad has turned out to be grounds for a lawsuit in Kane County. And according to the suit, the reputation of a restaurant named for Walter Payton is at stake.

The owners of Walter Payton's Roundhouse in Aurora last week sued for defamation an Aurora man whose job is to promote economic development in the city. The official allegedly sent out a mass e-mail warning people to stay away from the popular restaurant because of a supposed problem with flies.

And from the Wall Street Journal Law Blog:

We suppose lawsuits have been fought over smaller pieces of evidence, we don’t come across them that often. At issue in a lawsuit reported by the Chicago Tribune on Monday: whether a teensy creature wound up in the salad of patron at a restaurant in Aurora, Ill.

According to the story, the assistant director of the Aurora Economic Development Commission, Manuel Maysonet, recently dined at a Walter Payton’ Roundhouse restaurant in Aurora — ordering a chopped salad with barbecue sauce. Maysonet allegedly sent the salad back, complaining there was a fly in it.

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