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January 12, 2009

Study: Zip Code causes obesity

Not really, but a study in Seattle did find that zip codes of low income neighborhoods are associated with higher rates of obesity.  In other words, lower incomes are associated with obesity.  Obviously, this doesn't mean that your zip code causes obesity (but other cause-effect claims based only on associations are all over the place.)

Anyway, here's the reference to the study:

"In Seattle we have found that there are fivefold differences in obesity rates depending on the zip code -- the low-income zip codes have a much higher proportion of obese people," he said.

He said that studies conducted in California showed that a 10 per cent rise in poverty translated into a six per cent increase in obesity among adults.

Excerpt is from Spending Less Can Make You Fat, on the Times of India website.

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Interesting post on obesity. I imagine there are many other things that can be narrowed down to zip code.

Posted by: Shawn | May 22, 2009 8:47:30 AM

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