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November 10, 2008

Buy a cupcake? Not in school

From the New York Times:

Bake Sales Fall Victim to Push for Healthier Foods

. . . The old-fashioned school bake sale, once as American as apple pie, is fast becoming obsolete in California, a result of strict new state nutrition standards for public schools that regulate the types of food that can be sold to students. . . .

It seems cupcakes and cookies don't comply with the restrictions on the fat and sugar content of foods sold to students. Since I think almonds are one of the best snack choices around (and more than 35% of the calories are from fat), I get a little ruffled every time I see this kind of restriction.  It is hard, however, to defend a cupcake. -- DMB

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Yeah, when people read about a reasonable rule like this, they sometimes imagine a joyless childhood without cupcakes. Let me reassure! No kid in any recent generation has suffered for lack of cupcakes, and a rule for school settings won't deprive anybody. It's about giving school administrators the ability to rein in the ridiculously unhealthy food environment in schools.

Posted by: Parke | Nov 13, 2008 1:25:32 PM

Thanks for commenting, Parke! I agree completely -- there's no need for junk food at school. I'm appalled at how often my middle schooler comes home glowing about the great sugar prizes they won in school.

But I think the low fat rule is misguided in general, and inappropriately applied to some great snack choices, which is what makes the whole area of nutrition policy so interesting -- the trickle down of policy decisions from the official USDA pyramid guideline reaches wide and far.

Posted by: D. Byrne | Nov 19, 2008 9:00:15 AM

A US Congresswoman is introducing a Bill that would get junk foods out of American public schools once and for all. The Bill will update the national school nutrition standards for foods and beverages sold in schools. I think there is no excuse for eating junk food @ school.

Posted by: Egy Azziera | Mar 11, 2009 10:48:21 PM

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