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July 3, 2008

Raw Milk and Gray Dye

In North Carolina, raw milk can only legally be sold for animal consumption.  So a black market has developed to meet some of the demand for raw milk for humans. Here's the fun:  last September, the N.C. Board of Agriculture adopted a rule that requires raw milk to be dyed gray in order to discourage humans from drinking it.  Ugh.

Now, according to a report on Indy Week.com, the Department of Agriculture is supporting a bill that will reverse this rule.

". . . the only two dairies licensed in the state to sell raw milk for animal consumption are both certified organic, and there is no black dye approved under the National Organic Standards, meaning the rule could have effectively put both dairies out of business.

Both raw milk dairies serve the significant market for raw milk for animal consumption, including zoos, wildlife rescue organizations and especially farmers caring for orphaned animals.

I don't think I could drink gray milk, raw or pasteurized.

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I didn't know raw milk would need a gray dye to make it undrinkable for some people. It seems like the fact that it's raw and from an animals utters would be enough to put it off. I can barely drink milk as is.

Posted by: Hay Bale Accumulator | Aug 5, 2008 9:47:49 AM

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